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Dr Travis S. Holmes


Dr. Travis S. Holmes, a proud native of Charleston, South Carolina, is a devoted individual who has dedicated his life to various roles and pursuits. As the youngest of three siblings and the cherished son of Missionary Rose Ella Holmes and the late Franklyn Holmes, Dr. Holmes values his family deeply. He is a loving father to his three children: Tylah, Denzel, and Zynia, with Tylah being happily married to David.


Dr. Holmes received his education from the esteemed public schools in Charleston and Berkeley Counties, South Carolina. In 1993, he proudly graduated from Stratford High School. His educational journey continued at Morris College, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in recreation administration in 1999. Driven by his passion for theology, he pursued his studies at the Christian Life School of Theology. There, he achieved his Bachelor of Theology in 2001, Master of Theology in 2004, and Master of Divinity in 2007. Seeking to expand his knowledge, he earned a Master of Arts in professional counseling from South University in 2009. Driven by a thirst for learning, he pursued additional studies at Webster University, Argosy University, and Walden University. In recognition of his exceptional dedication, he received a Doctor of Divinity from St. Luke Evangelical School of Studies in 2009.


With over three decades of experience, Dr. Holmes has become a seasoned preacher, touching the lives of many through his impactful sermons. Over the course of 20 years, he has served as a devoted pastor. Beyond his ministry commitments, Dr. Holmes has excelled in various professional roles, including as a professional counselor, political consultant, resume writer, and community organizer. His passion lies in uplifting and assisting others, dedicating the majority of his time to helping individuals strive for excellence. Dr. Holmes firmly believes in the philosophy of responding to the needs he sees, recognizing them as a calling to take action.

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